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Why Changing Your Body Isn't the Body Image Fix You're Looking For with Kristina Bruce

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On your dieting journey, have you ever been successful at losing a few pounds, only to realize that didn’t feel as incredible as you thought it would? It’s a common, but a very emotionally confusing experience. If people notice, the verbal affirmation can be nice. But then what happens if you gain the weight back? Are you suddenly not as valuable? And is that even the kind of affirmation you really crave? 


In this episode, I’m joined by Body Acceptance Coach and friend Kristina Bruce, who is brave enough to share about her very emotional and relatable un-dieting journey. She was convinced that if she was able to control the body that she presented to the world, then no one would ever get a hint of the chaos that was happening below the surface. That is until she started dating someone she really cared about. That’s when she realized that things she had to do to maintain a certain body size were not compatible with being in a healthy relationship. 

We are so fearful of what other people may think of our bodies. Yet we have to realize that if someone has an issue with your body size, the issue has everything to do with them. The real fix you’re looking for is not about fitting into those jeans again. It’s about embracing the truth that you are so much more than your negative thoughts and feelings. If we let them pass on by, who is that incredible woman in that skin? 


In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Kristina’s personal struggles with body image and hitting her dieting rock bottom 
  • Why it might be a beautiful thing for our bodies to change some when we relax in being loved unconditionally
  • How our brains connect having acceptable body types with survival
  • The secret to making peace with your body
  • Why no one (not even thin people) are actually happy about the way we tie worth to body size  

To learn more about Kristina's work, visit her website and download The Guide to Body Acceptance. You can also follow her @kristinabrucecoach on Instagram or on Facebook @KristinaBruceCoach.

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