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How to Get Diet Culture Out of Your House with Jenn Messina RD

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How to get diet culture out of your house

When you know better, you do better. And if you're like many of the women in midlife I talk to, your desire to move away from diet culture may be in part motivated by your desire to change things for the next generation...I know mine was.

But getting diet culture out of the house means not only changing our behaviour, but also the language we use to describe food, bodies, and even health in general.

In this episode, dietitian Jenn Messina RD helps us understand why so many of us were programmed into diet culture from a young age, how to go back and repair when you say something you don't mean, and even how to talk to other family members when diet talk is the uninvited guest at the table.

To learn more about Jenn and her work, visit her website at  and follow her on Instagram at @jennthedietitian.



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