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How To 'Do Less' and 'Be More' in Midlife with Wendy McCallum

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Many words can be used to describe midlife, ranging from overwhelming, vulnerable, refreshing, and even exciting at times, but it’s almost always busy.  There are so many responsibilities lumped on us as parents and caregivers often while managing a career, meal-planning, appointment setting, and birthday-gift buying. It can feel like we’re trying to do it all! While it all feels non-negotiable, the truth is that what we really need is some practice saying no and delegating some of the things on our plate to others. But where do we even start? 




In this episode, I’ve invited Wendy McCallum, Alcohol and Burnout Coach back on the show to sort through all the noise in our heads and identify what parts of life light us up and what depletes us. From here, Wendy will also give us tools to be able to say no with more confidence and break up with the people-pleaser inside us.

While the demands of this season will always feel never-ending, the real non-negotiable in this equation is you. If you see all the signs of burnout in your future, it’s time to take a pause, assess the situation, and pivot. Join us if you could use a crash course in lowering the bar, setting boundaries, delegating, and normalizing frozen pizza twice a week.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why midlife challenges us to face some of our unmet emotional needs 
  • A helpful exercise for identifying what responsibilities you need to delegate first 
  • Why it’s so powerful to practice delaying a ‘yes’
  • How our friends and family benefit when we learn to care less and say no
  • Why new friendships are 100% worth pursuing in midlife, even if it’s awkward at first

To learn more about Wendy and her work, connect with her on her website at, or follow her on Instagram @beatburnoutandbooze.

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