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You Are Not Broken And Other Myths About Sexual & Reproductive Health with Dr. Kelly Casperson MD

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When it comes to your reproductive health in menopause, it often feels that a  lot is changing at once. So much so that you’ve given up trying to understand where to even begin addressing the problem. But can I make something clear? You are as normal as they come. As Dr. Kelly Casperson says in her book, You Are Not Broken, we’ve all been suffering in silence because of a general unwillingness to tell the truth.

In this episode, author and urologist,  Dr. Kelly Casperson shares how even her med school training could not have prepared her for the number of patients she sees who are convinced that their desire for intimacy will never be fulfilled again. We talk about the fact that while sex can change in midlife, hormones are not the only ones to blame. As set in our ways as we may be, we’ve still got a need for spontaneity. So how do we find that at this point in the game? 

We also dive into the long-standing myths we (and our doctors) have come to believe about taking hormones. You’ll discover why gender-typing hormones has totally confused us and why we have to start talking about clitoral dysfunction (yes-it’s a thing!) Join us and then share the episode with a friend who needs to know she’s not broken either! 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why perfection marketing is driving your internal dialouge about your body
  • How you can incorporate curiosity and spontaneity without switching partners every year
  • The difference between desire and arousal
  • Why doctors are so quick to deny requests for estrogen perscriptions
  • The surprising positive side affects to taking estrogen

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